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Motor is the heart of all kinds of equipment

Applicable to all types of Motor rotor measurement can be used with any brand

There are a lot of automation equipment in the factory , when the motor fails or is damaged, it will cause the equipment or mechanism to stop working. So the motor is an important core of equipment composition, and if the health of the motor rotor can be mastered, 60-70% of the key points of equipment problems can be grasped. In order to ensure the normal operation of each process equipment, an inspection of motor equipment should be scheduled immediately. And grasp the symptoms of failure, avoid shutdown without warning and find reliable evidence to implement the predictive maintenance plan in advance.

Motor equipment inspection method

There are many methods for motor inspection and inspection (as shown on the right). In the past, users used current and temperature to observe the health of motor equipment, but current and temperature Temperature is the last indicator of maintenance, because shaft friction and insufficient oil lubrication have already occurred, which will lead to an increase in current and temperature, which may have caused equipment shutdown or failure. However, vibration data is an early indicator, which can be used to see the clues from the vibration spectrum or vibration value when the equipment is insufficiently lubricated, when the bearing is frictioned or the shaft is bent.

Applicable to various types of motor rotor measurement, no brand name is applicable

How do you know the health condition of your rotors?

Vibration is everywhere.
As long as there are moving parts, rotating and moving mechanisms, there will be vibration problems. Vibration is a faithful representation of the operating quality of the machine, and the health status of the rotor is evaluated and monitored based on the vibration measurement signal. In the past, personnel judged the condition of motor equipment based on human experience, feeling, and hearing. Portable SMS-RC Rotating Machinery Vibration Detection Analyzer can provide maintenance personnel with effective data to judge the state of the motor in real time and is applicable to various Various types of motor measurements. For example: various pumps, motors, windmills, conveyor belt transmission mechanisms, etc.

How do you know the health condition of your rotors?

Prevent problems at your factory!

Premature wear of mechanical parts
Premature wear of
mechanical parts
Production line stop and delay
Stop and delay of
production line
The motor runs less efficiently
lower motor
running efficiency
Unexplained exception occurred
exception occurred

3 Distinctive Cost-Efficient Designs

Boundless combination

1. Data measurement is suitable for all kinds of rotating machinery:SMS-RC Rotating Machinery Vibration Detection Analyzer Portable testing equipment, convenient for users to carry around, one can universally detect all kinds of brand models, rotating machinery motor pump rotors device. The data-based and scientific measurement method is transformed into the definition of quantifiable data, which solves the dilemma of traditional technicians judging by human experience. It also helped factories that cannot install monitoring systems and need to arrange manpower to regularly check equipment status.

2. No finance / technical threshold: We usually don’t doubt the importance of mechanical inspection mechanisms, only when we know how much time, effort, and money will cost by building up our own. SMS-RC’s original in-house algorithm integrating with different industry ISO standards eliminates the boundary between years experienced specialists and ordinary technicians. No more complicated parameter settings as usual, only the critical rotor info which you can find on the rotor nameplate.

No finance / technical threshold

Minimize the over-repaired / Optimize the Acceptance review mechanisms

3.Minimize the over-repaired / Optimize the Acceptance review mechanisms: People these days rely on both internal expertise and external consultants for condition-based monitoring and repair. Have you ever wondered whether it’s over-repaired or just on spot? Are there, from time to time, some particular machines coming back and forth which makes you question whether it’s really fixed or not? With SMS-RC, you can recheck the health condition for the repaired machine from the service company. Scheduling the next repair appointment when SMS-RC recommends you to.

4 Features ALL-IN-ONE

Rotor quality

Rotor Quality
Diagnosing rotors quality according to ISO 10816 / 20816 standard.

Dynamic balance

Dynamic Balance
Diagnosing rotors G level based on ISO 1940 dynamic balance.

Spectrum analysis

Spectrum Analysis
Spectrum analysis on Frequency domain(FFT) and Time domain.

Vibration meter

Vibration Meter
A built-in precise vibration meter.

Intuitive and Graphical User Interface Knowing Rotor Quality Right ON SITE

Intuitive and Graphical User Interface Knowing Rotor Quality Right ON SITE

Representing the diagnostic result with easy-to-read color signals, you don’t need to wait for another quarterly or annual inspection, you can learn the machine quality right here, right now. Schedule your next check-up or repair without sweat!

Action Recommendation Follows by Precise & Speedy Analysis

SMS-RC’s original algorithm simplifies the rotor parameter setting and processes the vibration signal with a blink. Integrated ISO 10816 / 20816 / 1940 will guide you for the next action recommendation.

Zone A New machinery, excellent vibration quality.
Zone B Acceptable vibration value, can be used for a long time.
Zone C Machine hasn't been used for a while. Maintenance or repair is needed.
Zone D Immediate repair is recommended.

Action Recommendation Follows by Precise & Speedy Analysis

No Specialist In Plant, But In Hand

Reports and years of experience have proven that complex and advanced troubleshooting techniques are not necessary to diagnose 90% of faults in the most common rotors. All you need is SMS-RC to lead you from the measuring point to the final analysis.

No Specialist In Plant, But In Hand

Built-in spectrum analysis and dynamic balance"

built-in spectrum analysis function and dynamic balance function

SMS-RC Rotating Machinery Vibration Detection Analyzer has a built-in spectrum analysis function, and supports the conversion of various physical units and linear conversion. Users can use this function to analyze the existence of complex vibration sources Frequency components can be used for failure analysis or equipment environment adjustment.

Built-in ISO1940 dynamic balance specification, select the equipment type, input the current operating speed of the equipment, and immediately determine whether the equipment dynamic balance level is qualified.

Easy to operate and easy to carry”

SMS-RC Rotating Machinery Vibration Detection Analyzer The installation method is very simple, as long as the vibration sensor (accelerometer) is adsorbed Or lock it at the position of the bearing end, and start the measurement according to the applicable ISO specification of the measuring equipment.

The portable model is light and convenient, suitable for factory/equipment maintenance personnel to carry out mobile measurement and confirmation Equipment status. The matching industrial tablet has an IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection level, and the battery can run for up to 8 hours.

Easy to install, easy to operate, easy to carry
rotate The mechanical vibration detection analyzer has a built-in proprietary vibrometer to save operating time

Built-in Vibration Meter"

SMS-RC Rotating Machinery Vibration Detection Analyzer With HPF and LPF filter customization functions, used to measure bearing vibration; with multiple average, Lock function with the maximum vibration value; different measurement units can be switched to quickly confirm the vibration value and screenshots.

Application Scope

In-plant equipment maintenance/scheduled inspection personnel, instead of artificial feeling/experience, with data evidence
manpower Testing equipment

In-plant equipment maintenance/regular inspection personnel, instead of human feeling/experience, have data evidence.

Applicable to turnkey manufacturers of plant equipment maintenance, regular inspection of equipment maintenance services
Ex-factory maintenance quality

Applicable to turnkey manufacturers of factory equipment maintenance, regularly check equipment maintenance services.

Provide an effective basis for users to easily make reports and provide equipment maintenance basis
Maintenance report production

Provide effective basis for users to easily make reports and provide equipment maintenance basis.

Can provide customers with confirmation of the quality of the motor rotor equipment after repair or replacement
Replacement Material Confirmation

It can provide customers with confirmation of the quality of the motor rotor equipment after repair or replacement.

Provide original data, which can be used as a basis for users to adjust parameters such as feed rate and speed
Basis for parameter changes

Provide original data, which can be used for users to adjust parameters such as feed rate and speed in accordance with.

It can be used to confirm the quality inspection of motor equipment before feeding and before the equipment leaves the machine
Pre-shipment inspection

It can be used for quality inspection and confirmation of motor equipment before input and before equipment delivery.


SMS-RC System
Target measured objectAll rotating machinery, Ballscrew, Gear box, Linear guideway
Sampling rate20k Hz/s
Diagnostic displayISO norm (ISO10816/ISO2372) criticality levels
ISO 1940 Dynamic G levels
FFT(steady & unsteady signal), Time waveform
Vibration value(AVG/MAX/Real Time)
Display unitsAcceleration:g, m/s²
Velocity:um/s, mm/s, in/s, m/s
Displacement:mm, mil
Frequency:Hz, RPM
Data exportAll measurements in CSV format / in JPG(screenshot)
SMS-RC Vibration kit
USB DAQ9ADC Resolution:16 Bit
Input range:±5d
AccelerometerSensitivity (±10 %):100 mV/g
Measurement Range:±50 g
Frequency Range (±3 dB):0.5 to 10000 Hz
Temperature Range:-54 to +121 °C (-65.2 to +249.8°F)
Weight:51 gm
Housing Material:Stainless Steel
Electrical Connector:2-Pin MIL-C-5015
CableConnector:MIL-C-5015 compatible to BNC
10.1" Industrial Tablet
Operating SystemWindows 10 IoT Enterprise
ProcessorIntel® Atom™ x7-Z8750 quad-core, 1.6 GHz (2M cache, up to 2.56 GHz)
Memory4 GB LPDDR3
StorageeMMC 64 GB, Micro-SD Support (up to 128GB)
Display10.1" FHD LCD WUXGA 1200x1920
BatteryHot-swappable battery with capacity LED indicators; 10.8V, 2400 mAh, 26 WHr
Operating time:4~6 hr (depending on usage scenario)
Charging time:< 3 hr
Standard I/O1 x Micro HDMI, 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x combo audio jack,
1 x 19 VDC-in jack, 1 x SIM card reader,
1 x micro SD card reader
IP RatingIP65
Operating Temperature-10 ~ 50 °C (14 ~122 °F)
HumidityOperating: 10 ~ 90% @ 40 °C (104 °F) non-condensing
Dimensions (W x D x H)80 x 18.3 x 180.1 mm (11 x 0.7 x 7.1 in)
Weight980 g/2.16 lb

Order info / Anatomy

Option 1 : SMS-RC Full package
・SMS-RC SW license X1
・10" tablet (Advantech AIM-68CT-C2101000 ) X1
・Accelerometer accessory X1

Option 2 : Accelerometer kit
・SMS-RC SW license X1
・Accelerometer accessory X1

Supporting tablet

Advantech AIM-68CT-C2101000

Accelerometer accessory

Sensor transmission line (2 meters) x 1
USB DAQ connector cable x 1
Vibration sensor (100 mV/g)x 1
Magnetic sensor base x 1

Accelerometer accessory

Target Machine and Application field

Application fieldTarget Machine and Application field

Application areas: Semiconductor Industry, Petrochemical, Food Factory, Pharmaceutical, Paper Mill, Plastic Film, Panel Factory, Processing and Manufacturing, Equipment Manufacturing, Merchant Marine Engine Room, Maintenance Service Provider, Water plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, etc.

User target audience:
In-plant public works department:
In-plant equipment maintenance/regular inspection personnel, replacing human perception/experience, with data empirical evidence.
Factory/equipment engineer: confirm the condition of the equipment, the basis and data when reporting for repairs.
Outsourced equipment maintenance manufacturer: a turnkey manufacturer of plant equipment maintenance, which receives regular inspection and maintenance services.
Equipment manufacturers: during regular maintenance operations, confirm whether there are any problems with the equipment, and provide customers with maintenance/replacement basis and assistance records.
Equipment maintenance manufacturers: provide equipment maintenance basis, or provide customers with regular inspection services.

Target equipment:
Pump air/water equipment: vacuum pump, oil pump, sewage pump, etc.
Production machinery: machine tool spindles, cutting machines, punching machines, etc.
Transmission mechanism: transmission belt, vibration table, etc.
Air compressor: spiral, centrifugal, reciprocating air compressor, etc.
Others: cooling towers, exhaust windmills, air-conditioning boxes, etc.