Stability monitoring in Special area


A Rotor Online Monitoring System

(Daisy-chain wired connection)

How to monitor the rotor equipment in special areas?

How to monitor the rotor equipment in special areas?

Rotor equipment in special areas usually operates in extreme or dangerous industrial environments, so higher requirements are placed on the monitoring and maintenance of these equipment. These requirements include safety, reliability, durability and adaptability under special environmental conditions. When designing, installing and operating these devices, corresponding safety standards and regulations need to be followed.

In special areas such as: chemical, submerged, high temperature and high pressure, explosion hazard, corrosive media and other areas, in order to ensure the safe operation and reliability of the equipment, in addition to the strict and difficult methods of monitoring the rotor equipment, also need to match Sensors of special specifications suitable for compliance with environmental standards and requirements to perform monitoring tasks discreetly.

Rotor equipment in special areas often operates in extreme or hazardous industrial environments

Frequently encountered problems in the factory area

The special conditions of the environment are different
The special conditions of the environment are different

How to manage a large number of rotor equipment with different brands, forms and uses in the factory area?

Poor signal in a remote location
Poor signal in a remote location

The factory area is extensive, the equipment is located in a remote area or due to other factors, the data cannot be transmitted?

Monitoring software is difficult to operate
Monitoring software is difficult to operate

The setting conditions of the monitoring system are complicated. How to make it easy for operators to use and make the handover faster?

Difficulty in interpreting equipment status
Difficulty in interpreting equipment status

The status of equipment varies according to human experience. How to manage data effectively and judge easily?

Equipment stability
in special areas

In addition to the difficulty in monitoring the rotor equipment in special areas, the stability of the equipment also affects the operation of the production line and product quality. RM-IoT-NET Rotor Health Monitoring System Online Version monitoring helps users to ensure the stability and reliability of equipment, thereby ensuring the stability of the production line in the factory.

Reliable management

management layer
extended easy
Easy to
Architectural Resilience
focus Management
improve efficiency
Real-time monitoring

The operation is simple, Multiple management

Simple operation and highly reliable risk stratified management equipment method

Multiple monitoring mechanisms, built-in ISO standards suitable for various rotor equipment, no need to keep in mind the specifications, users without professional vibration technology background can also get started!For specific devices, users can define their own thresholds using rules of thumb.The unique SOA spectrum feature algorithm can detect faults early, and the system will give possible abnormal reasons.Take the lead in introducing AI algorithm cross-comparison to predict equipment decline trends and help users implement predictive maintenance plans.

Easy to operate and highly reliable risk layered management equipment

Easy to expand and reduce costs

Network topology technology, flexible expansion architecture, reducing expansion costs

The flexible expansion structure of the software is convenient for users to design their own factory equipment partition management. The system has 4-channel analog input, and adopts daisy-chain network topology. The main system is connected in series with RJ45 network cable modules, and up to 255 nodes can be connected. It can also be connected to AI, FDC, MES, PHM, SCADA and other systems. It has a high degree of freedom in serial connection and reduces the technical cost of system connection, meets the needs of scalability, and reduces space usage allocation and budget usage.

Network topology technology, flexible expansion architecture, reducing expansion costs

Easy management of visual charts

Visual Dashboard Manage A Wide Variety Of Rotor Equipment

The RM-IOT-NET online monitoring system converts equipment vibration signals into easy-to-read vibration characteristics and judgment results. The UI interface turns the data into a visual dashboard, pie chart, table summary, real-time FFT/time waveform, ISO trend, vibration change trend, SOA trend, AI forecast decline trend, and color to distinguish equipment Status and other charts. Combined with database data management in a scientific way, itinerant real-time monitoring provides evidence for users to effectively implement predictive maintenance and planning.

The visual dashboard of the war room mechanism, which manages a wide variety of rotor equipment

Real-time control of equipment quality

Real-time control of the quality status of rotor equipment, continuous online monitoring

Still caught in the embarrassment of running back and forth to inspect equipment in the factory? The RM-IOT-NET online monitoring method continuously monitors without interruption. The system adopts a non-invasive measurement method, which is suitable for various brands of rotor motors and pump equipment, and can be plugged and measured. The optional mobile phone monitoring program can be used on various smart mobile devices. As long as it can be connected to the Internet, it can realize 24/7 real-time monitoring of equipment and status analysis, so as to take timely maintenance measure.

Real-time control of rotor equipment quality status, continuous online monitoring

Hierarchical management and predictive diagnosis

Layered Management and Predictive Diagnosis
The triple management mechanism provides the basis for precise maintenance.

Quality Management: Overall assessment of vibration analysis based on ISO (2372/10816/20816) international common standards. The results will be displayed in green, yellow, orange, and red colors. Users can follow the recommendations in the orange and red areas for proper maintenance or troubleshooting. In addition, they can also customize the threshold limit.

Characteristic Diagnosis: SOA’s special algorithm suppresses noise to achieve clearer and more efficient resolution, it discovers the effectiveness of early fault detection Compared with other systems on the market, the algorithm is 4 times faster than before. and provide possible abnormal characteristic diagnosis according to the spectrum characteristics.

Prediction of abnormalities: The system takes the lead in importing AI algorithms, collects huge amounts of data for cross-comparison and graphs the results, predicts the 7-day decline trend of equipment, and provides users with more accurate maintenance Scheduling basis.

Easy setting to start monitoring

1. Monitor the type of rotor

1. Monitor rotor type

2. Define monitoring devices and monitoring points

2. Define monitoring devices and monitoring points

3. Select the corresponding motor specification type

3. Select the corresponding motor specification type

4. Perform real-time monitoring

4. Perform real-time monitoring

Dashboard, clear at a glance

Manage devices by region

Regional management equipment

Monitoring index results analysis

Monitoring each index result analysis

Real-time monitoring spectrum analysis

Instant Monitoring Spectrum Analysis

ISO specification threshold and equipment status judgment

ISO standard threshold and equipment status judgment

Advantages of the IOT-NET solution

Applicable to the monitoring of motor rotor equipment of various brands

RM-IOT-NET solution advantages

Diagnosis through online monitoring and rotor quality specification provides the basis for users to make decisions .

System Architecture

(Daisy-chain wired connection)
AI, FDC, MES, PHM and other third-party system integration
AI, FDC, MES, PHM and other third parties System integration
Monitoring system and smart devices
Monitoring system and smart device
Data acquisition daisy chain support Ethernet connection
Data Acquisition Daisy Chain Support Ethernet Link

Application fields and targets

Application fields and targets

Petrochemical equipment: such as rotor equipment in refineries and chemical plants, such as compressors, pumps, etc. These equipment are often in flammable and explosive environments.

Coal mining equipment: The rotor equipment in the coal mining process, such as fans, hoists, shearers, etc., these equipment are usually in harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, and high dust.

Offshore platform equipment:Rotor equipment located on offshore platforms, such as generators, water pumps, fans, etc., these equipment need to withstand extreme conditions such as seawater corrosion, high humidity, wind and waves.

Iron and steel smelting equipment: Rotor equipment in iron and steel smelting plants, such as fans, blowers, conveyors, etc. These equipment operate in high temperature, high pressure, and high dust environments.

Power plant equipment: includes rotor equipment in thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, etc., such as axle generators, steam turbines, etc. These equipment are usually under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure and high speed operation.

Chemical plant equipment: Rotor equipment in chemical plants, such as agitators, reactors, separators, etc., are often in corrosive media, high temperature, and high pressure environments.