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Are you an entrepreneur or dealer eager to succeed, then our distribution cooperation plan will be the key to your success!

Through the cooperation with Goode, you can easily have high-quality products, professional technical support, market expansion assistance, and perfect sales resources, helping you to quickly enter the market and enhance market competitiveness and brand awareness.With years of experience in the field of smart manufacturing and the endorsement of well-known IPC companies, Goode's products enjoy a high reputation and evaluation in the market, and can add options to your measurement solutions, or expand A brand new product line, meanwhile we have a professional distribution team and technical support team, able to provide you with comprehensive training and support.

Goode authorizes carefully selected partners to use marketing resources and sales incentive programs, and has formulated a comprehensive distribution policy to ensure the maximum profit and competitive advantage of partners. Join our distribution cooperation plan, develop together with us and achieve common success!

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Provide effective solutions and user-friendly instruments equipment for customers.

We Provide You

High-Quality Products

・Exclusive research and development of patented technology
・Market-leading innovative products

Technical Support

・Experience in the field of smart manufacturing
・Expert Technical Troubleshooting

Market Expansion

・Support partners to carry out activities
・Build and operate a mutually beneficial market

Sales Resources

・Provide partner sales tips
・Planning and selling graphic materials

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