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Wireless LoRa Vibration Sensor

Why we need to monitor rotor quality?

Key to most devices

"Rotors determine machine condition."

In the era of smart manufacturing, we have massive automatic facilities in plant.They are mostly triggered by motors, pumps and other mechanical rotors.Rotors determine machine condition.We can fix 60-70% facility problems by monitoring rotor condition.

Easily solve factory problems!

 Device location trouble

Device location trouble
The outdoor rotors are usually scattered, in massive amounts, and in large structures. Difficult and time-consuming to measure.

Industrial safety hazard

Public security hazard
Equipment inspection The location is dangerous, and a better alternative inspection method is needed to protect the safety of employees.

waste of stock preparation

Waste of stock preparation
Equipment is repaired only when it fails Or excessive maintenance, resulting in failure to prepare materials in time or excessive inventory in the factory.

Working hours budget limit

Working hours budget limit
before comprehensive For the three items, it is also necessary to significantly reduce inspection man-hours, manpower, and wiring budgets.

“Infinity coverage

Rotor Online Monitoring System Supports WISE-6610 and WISE-2410LoRaWAN IoT Gateway WISE-6610923MHz can support up to 100 nodesProvides Ethernet RJ45 port and I/O,For connecting various field devices and supporting rail and wall mountingSMART SENSOR WISE-2410.The wireless sensor adopts LoRa tech,The transmission distance is up to 500-800 meters (depending on the real scenarios),The gateway can support up to 500 wireless sensors.Users can custom their own transmission intervals.2 units of 3.6AA lithium batteries are sufficient for one-year of operation.

Infinity coverage

Easy operation

Easy operation”

With the optional portable monitoring application function, you only need to connect to the Internet, you can use various mobile phones and tablets to view, and it is more efficient to master the device in real time.We’ve built in the measurement point diagram as a sweet design for no background users to get hands-on immediately. UI displays the machine status with color signals, enabling the whole plant status at a glance. Integrated with ISO regulations, users no need to memorize the criteria. Instead, choosing the applicable norms for a quick and initial analysis.

“Low deployment cost

A flexible software structure allows the management of different areas in plants by adding nodes step by step.Quick installation and plug-and-play design of the wireless sensor.All you need is to enter the serial numbers to expand the monitoring network with flexibility.No more cabling with an enormous budget. Dramatically cut the cabling and piping cost.

Low deployment cost

IP66 graded

IP66 graded”

This battery-powered wireless sensor is dust-tight, water jet proof, anti-explosion.IP66 graded with wide temperature designed. for -20 °C to 85 °C working temperatureWithstanding any demanding outdoor environment.

“AI algorithm predicts

RM-IOT-B Rotor Online Monitoring integrates AI analytics function enabling the degradation trends in 7 days. Combine Vrms & Degrading Level to trigger the alarm when the characteristics turn out to be abnormal. To find out the benefit of outsourced maintenance, users can leverage the trend chart before and after the machine for comparison that can be easily verified.

AI algorithm predicts

Achieve the goal and benefit of PHM

As users, we can’t avoid machine to break.But we can extend machine life and sustain work quality through an advanced inspection, and a proper maintenance plan. This is the topic we need to learn and to be serious about. Only when we fully control the manufacturing tools, we’re able to design a more sophisticated process and parameters to ensure a reliable production line and a better yield rate.

Rotor quality

Rotor quality

Software function introduction: Rotor quality standard management
Rotor Online Monitoring collects data none stop and gives initial analysis using different color signals. Green for Good; Yellow for Satisfactory; Orange for Unsatisfactory; Red for Unacceptable,realizing the machine's status at first sight.Apart from ISO 10816, 20816 regulations, users can set alarm thresholds according to their experiences.

Ai estimated recession trend

Ai estimated recession trend

Software function introduction: Ai predicts the decline trendComprehensive VRMS vibration signal and other characteristic data accumulation, through AI calculation cross-comparison, carry out omen diagnosis. 7-day AI predicts the degree of equipment aging and decline, replacing human judgment of spectrum troubles, and divides the degree of equipment decline into normal, mild, moderate, and severe. Users can schedule and plan according to the equipment status, prepare materials for maintenance in advance, and avoid the waiting window period.

Custom monitoring alarm threshold

custom monitoring alarm threshold

Software function introduction : Custom monitoring alarm thresholdThe matching sensor uses a three-axis MEMS vibration accelerometer, which collects up to 25 kinds of monitoring values, such as: temperature, acceleration, velocity, displacement, etc. , when the ISO specification does not meet the use requirements, the user can set the threshold management by himself or set the threshold according to the parameters provided by the equipment manufacturer. When the data exceeds the set threshold, the value will be alerted in red.

Optional: suitable for mobile devices

Optional features: suitable for mobile devices

Rotor equipment and system architecture

AI, FDC, MES, PHM and other third-party system integration
AI, FDC, MES, PHM and other third-party system integration
Monitoring system and smart devices
monitoring system and smart device
data acquisition wireless connector
Data Acquisition Wireless Connector

Target Machine and Application field

Target Machine and Application fieldTarget Machine and Application field

Application areas: Semiconductor Industry, Petrochemical, Food Factory, Pharmaceutical, Paper Mill, Plastic Film, Panel Factory, Processing and Manufacturing, Equipment Manufacturing, Merchant Marine Engine Room, Maintenance Service Provider, Water plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, etc.

User target audience:
In-plant public works department:
In-plant equipment maintenance/regular inspection personnel, replacing human perception/experience, with data empirical evidence.
Factory/equipment engineer: confirm the condition of the equipment, the basis and data when reporting for repairs.
Outsourced equipment maintenance manufacturer: a turnkey manufacturer of plant equipment maintenance, which receives regular inspection and maintenance services.
Equipment manufacturers: during regular maintenance operations, confirm whether there are any problems with the equipment, and provide customers with maintenance/replacement basis and assistance records.
Equipment maintenance manufacturers: provide equipment maintenance basis, or provide customers with regular inspection services.

Target equipment:
Pump air/water equipment: vacuum pump, oil pump, sewage pump, etc.
Production machinery: machine tool spindles, cutting machines, punching machines, etc.
Transmission mechanism: transmission belt, vibration table, etc.
Air compressor: spiral, centrifugal, reciprocating air compressor, etc.
Others: cooling towers, exhaust windmills, air-conditioning boxes, etc.

How to leverage RM-IOT-B for facility PdM?

How to leverage RM-IOT-B for facility PdM?


RM-IOT-B System
Target measured object All rotating machinery
Diagnostic displayISO norm (ISO10816/ ISO20816/ ISO2372) criticality trend

Temperature alarm

X, Y, Z Vibration parameter criticality trend(Velocity in RMS,
Acceleration in o to Peak/ RMS,
Displacement in Peak to Peak, Kurtosis,
Crest Factor, Skewness, Deviation)

AI degradation criticality trend (Optional)
Alarm notificationLine APP & Mail message
Display unitsAcceleration: g ; Velocity: mm/s ; Displacement: mm
Control ConsoleDashboard, Pie chart, Tabular summary,
Equipment schematic graphics, Measuring point drawings
Data exportAll measurements in CSV format
RM-IOT-B Vibration kit
Gateway923 MHz ; support up to 100 nodes ; 1x RJ45 Ethernet port,
4-way Molex moni-fit connector ;
Dimension: 150(W) x 37.5 (H) x 83 (D) mm(5.9 x 1.48 x 3.27 in.)
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 75°C (-40˚F to 167˚F) ;
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 80°C (-40˚F to 176˚F) ;
DIN-rail / Wall mounting supportive ; IP30 certified
Triaxial Accelerometer(X, Y, Z) Powered by 3.6V AA Battery x 2pcs ;
Frequency range: 10-1000Hz ;
Operating Temperature: -20 to +85 °C (-4 to +185°F) ;
Dimension (H x D): 84.7 x 48.3 mm ; IP 66 certified